by Forefather

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pfk505 I say without a hint of exaggeration that this is one of the finest and most glorious metal albums ever created. Riff after riff, chorus after chorus, it is absolutely packed with quality, one anthem after the next to set your scalp on edge. A masterpiece in every sense of the word. Favorite track: Cween of the Mark.
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Kraahl Very powerful, soaring, well-written and well-produced. I find "Steadfast" to be loaded with many triumphant moments, from the beginning to the end. No fillers here. There's plenty of great riffs, bombastic percussion, and grim, harsh vocals, occasionally accompanied by healthy choruses of clean vocals, majestically riding over these victorious hymns. With all being said, I wish to conclude by saying how much I love the atmosphere and feeling of this release. It sure makes me want to drink some mead or ale outdoors, away from the cities, and imagine the ancient times! Cheers to Forefather! Favorite track: Theodish Belief.
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dainton this makes me proud to be Englisc! Angelcynn modignes Favorite track: Steadfast.
Gabriel Tamas
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Gabriel Tamas I was amazed to see this rather old album re-released on tape and at this small price, nonetheless. I actually never listened to that much Forefather, so this will prove a great way to get into this rather awesome British band. Also, the reinterpretation of the medieval English song Miri it is is on this album, which only makes it even better for me. Favorite track: Miri it is.
Liam Washington
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Liam Washington I searched long and hard for anything that could be called Anglo-Saxon metal, and I found it here. Powerful sound evoking images of long lost Mead halls and ancient battles, I feel this album is the exemplum for any new forays into the fledgling genre that Forefather has founded. Favorite track: Miri it is.


released February 11, 2008

Recorded in the Hallowed Hall 2006-2007 by Forefather
All music and lyrics composed 2004-2007 by Forefather
Mixed by Athelstan

Wulfstan: Lead vocals, guitar, bass
Athelstan: Backing vocals, guitar, bass
Drums by The Wolfhead

Cover art by Martin Hanford, based on concept by Forefather


all rights reserved


Track Name: Brunanburh
Our lord of warriors eternal glory won
By the sword's edge at Brunanburh
Smashed the shield-wall and drove them from the land
The enemy doomed they fell and the field was dark with blood

Shot with spears, the crushed assailants fled
In revenge we rode them down and the vanquished took to sea
Edward's sons victorious in war
Made mountains of the slain and the wolves and crows did feast

Great slaughter made and the fields of Britain tamed
Lord of the fyrd, he fared north and he held his sway
Mastery claimed and the hearts of the beaten shamed
Engla Cyning - Rex Totius Britaniae!
Legend made at Brunanburh

Mighty victory has no name
In the shadow of Senlac's fame
Words that glorify on a withered page
Lost in the myth of a dark age

Ne wearð wæl mare
on þis eiglande æfre gieta
folces gefylled beforan þissum
sweordes ecgum, þæs þe us secgað bec,
ealde uðwitan, siþþan eastan hider
Engle and Seaxe up becoman,
ofer brad brimu Brytene sohtan,
wlance wigsmiþas, Wealas ofercoman,
eorlas arhwate, eard begeatan.

(Old English recital from Battle of Brunanburh poem)
Track Name: Cween of the Mark
Warrior maiden, blood of the kings
Our brave and glorious cween
Lead us into victorious times
When we will reign supreme
For far too long they've soiled our land
But now the tides have changed
We will have our just revenge
When by our steel they're slain

As we prepare for the battle
The lady's our beacon of light
Their bodies will break on our blades
With the Cween of the Mark at our side

Golden hair frames her solemn face
High up on her steed
Beneath the banner of the mark
Fluttering in the breeze
For far too long they've soiled our land
But now the tides have changed
We will have our just revenge
When by our steel they're slain
Track Name: Theodish Belief
For thousands of years from father to son
Ancient ways were carried on
Ingrained in the flesh an ancestral soul
Breathing life since days of old
The tales of the scop by fire were sung
Deeds of worth and battles won
A spiritual bond and oneness of mind
Born through struggle and shared strife

I saw fire in their eyes
And they knew they belonged like the wind blows
We knew it before and can feel it again
Rekindle our lost theodish belief

Through ages of time from mother to maid
Holy knowledge was maintained
Born in the blood a common dream
Shaped by fate and what has been

Striving to shield the esteem of one's kind
Those who'd deny left lamenting behind
Devotion that never subsides
Values that they'd give their lives to defend
Stubborn and true, fighting strong till the end
Loyalty that never dies
Track Name: Hallowed Halls
Gathered together, the meoduseld shining brightly
Cempan and ealdormen, in a drunken dream
Among all the riches and relics of many hearth-kin,
Foretell unyielding their coming feats and deeds

Harp strings, stout-played, sing the praises of many ring-lord
Lay of blood-reddened fields, myriad foes cleaved
Spear's flight nor sword edge did smash his almighty war-disc
Honour did save him for future king to be

Oh, they feast in their hallowed halls
Ghostly warriors ashen and pale
Shadows dance in the light of the flame
Gold and majesty, glory and fame

Pour from the well, share a toast with our nation's heroes
Beauty unheard of will carry us the mead
Fortune this night brings a war-leader far across the sea
By his hand we may from demon scourge be freed

Oh, they feast in their hallowed halls
Ghostly warriors ashen and pale
Shadows dance in the light of the flame
Gold and majesty, glory and fame
Oh, they feast in their hallowed halls
Ghostly warriors ashen and pale
Bold they rode on the crest of a wave
Shielded tight in a womb of oak staves
Track Name: Steadfast
Steadfast as a weathered mighty stone
Weary of this furious raging storm
Defy, and resist the endless war
Withstand, and uphold the sacred law

Though I may faulter on my journey
And I will suffer pain with time
I know I'll keep my head up high

Bring forth your gods
Your sacred strife
With truth I crush your wretched life

Roots so deep this oak will now be swayed
Core unwavering, edges burn and frayed
Enduring as all else wilts and wanes
Earth-red blood is coursing through my veins


Noble, Glorious
Ever victorious
Entwined everlong
Steadfast forever

Loyal is this friend who rides with me
Ever true companion reigns supreme
Smashing all deluded false belief
Laughing at their feeble self-deceit

No one can take this strength away
I will resist the fearsome tide
And I will keep my head held high
Track Name: Three Great Ships
Across the sea they heard the call
Blood to spill and gold in hand
Charged to flash their deadly steel
And defend this fruitful land
Straightaway they waged their war
And swiftly came the victory
And all of those that were left behind
Beheld the messengers' sign
And the ships filled the shoreline

Bound for fame
With three great ships they came
Riding the waves
To the fray
They soared across the spray
Leading the way
Souls aflame
They made their masters slaves
Destined to reign
Foes forlorn
A sacred myth was born
Wrought a new age

With gathering strength and growing will
They turned to bite the hand that feeds
The worthless host harried and slain
From the east to western seas
Altars razed by iron and fire
The pious slaughtered ruthlessly
The survivors fled to cower in the woods
For a life of ignominy
Or sadly crossed the sea
Track Name: Fire From the Sky
Let the shaman cast the runes
Is it today that we should strike?
We don't want to take them on
Without the gods on our side
See the ravens in the sky
What do the paths of their flight portend?
If we go forth and face them now
Will there be death waiting at the end?

It was an omen
A message of fire from the sky
A candle of doom in the night
It was decided if we were to conquer or die
Hear the witches chant their spells
What do their strange melodies foretell?
Whichever way it's destined to go
They can be sure that we'll fight them well

It was an omen
A message of fire from the sky
A candle of doom in the night
It was decided if we were to conquer or die
At dawn we faced them
We gathered beneath a red sky
The hills hearkened our battle cry
It was decided if we were to conquer or die
Track Name: Mellowing of the Mains
Purge this circle to clear the way
A cleansing fire where no ashes remain
Hear the heralder portend the rite
Purify - let his horn resound

Flawless as the still of night
No trembles in the web
Silence, as your soul takes flight
And all the forces ebb

The wheel of chaos turns a sea of calm
Strip away, sweep the dust, tear down!
Chill wind brings the toll of death
And nought brings sweet serenity

Thunder breaks the choking heat
And floods will cleanse this shrine
Fire sings your care's lament
Now watch your spirit soar

One mighty call to break all bonds
Every act destroyed
Blast away all that has been
A pure and empty void

The ceaseless wheel turns from day to night
Scorch the earth, halt the endless fight
Raise my hands towards a moonlit sky
I am fulfilled now an empty mind

Farewell this world, my mind bequeathed
At one with gods, I am now at peace
Only echoes of memories
Only shadows of deeds
Track Name: Wolfhead's Tree
Hope has died
My dreams, they fade
Let my blackened dirge be played
Swinging limp, swinging free
Darkened heart on the gallows tree

Fortune has betrayed me now
As I ascend to worlds beyond

A lonely road a man must tread
Upon the tree until his death
A bleak release
I'll find no peace
Forsake this world that abandoned me

Cursed be he who adorns the wolfhead's tree
Limp under the stars treading the path of infamy
All hope is the forlorn, standard is torn, end of an age
Thunder in the night heralds the sign of the wolfhead's age
Track Name: Miri it is
Miri it is while summer ilast
With fugheles song
Oc nu neheth windes Blast
And weder strong
Ei, Ei! What this night is long!
And ich with wel michel wrong
Soregh and murn and fast

Miri it is 'tween dark and dark
This fleeting stage
'Till we return back to the night
From whence we came
And henceforth our spears take aim
Hope to win eternal fame
Hear our names e'er more

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